Autonomous tennis ball picker robot

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Tennibot, the World’s First Robotic Tennis Ball Collector, Launches on Kickstarter

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Existing tennis ball pickers try to improve this with products that assist in ball collection, but this does not totally eliminate human involvement. But former military top brass and ruling party legislators had criticized the aircraft for lacking stealth capabilities. Geometric image processing functions obtain the coordinates of the robot and the position of the tennis ball.Autonomous Tennis Ball Collector December 4, Prepared for: Professor Jan Huissoon Prepared by: Our project is an autonomous robot that collects tennis balls from a tennis court.

The that will be used to pick up the tennis balls. This will be a rotating wheel with bristles, which pushes the balls.


An Autonomous Tennis Ball Picking Robot Open Access Journal Page 43 Odometry is the mostly used navigation method for relative positioning of mobile robot because it.

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The Autonomous Tennis Ball Picker. Charles Cheung (cc), Peter Kung (pfk5) Also, the speed of our robot can be increased to accelerate the ball pick-up process with DC motors that have greater torque.

Developing a Tennis Ball Collection Robot Prototype

The tennis court is fairly large, so speed is an important factor in maximizing the efficiency of picking up most, if not all, of the balls. Existing tennis ball collection devices are typically hand-held and designed to manually collect balls, so we wanted to develop an autonomous, vision-guided robot to collect tennis balls.

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Autonomous tennis ball picker robot
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